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I'M CELEBRATING! So I'm having a cointest!

Dorsetgal & GeoDog

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Hi folks! I'm in a celebratory mood just now, so what better time to hold my first cointest?! :blink:


Basically, last autumn, a very good friend nominated me in a competition which was advertised in a national newspaper, and to my surprise and delight, I was one of the four winners! Without even doing a thing ... how good is that?!


To see what I am talking about see these two newspaper articles:


The Sun


Daily Echo


So, in a very small way, I get to play a role in the Olympics this year! :unsure:


I love watching the Olympics on tv and even when they are in the "wrong" time zone I often set an alarm to watch favourite events during the night! Sad, but true! :P


So, to win this cointest, all you need to do is name the two Olympic events / disciplines I always try to watch.


Clues might be forthcoming if deemed necessary! :blink:


The prize is a coin of British origin ... either a Severn Railway or Berkshire Search and Rescue ... winner chooses. If the winner has both of these, I'll offer something else.


Closing date: As soon as the two correct answers are given by one person!


Edited to add: One guess per log in, per hour please!

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Congratulations on the honor you've been given. My brother in law ran the torch when it came through Idaho a few years ago. It was very awesome. (Hope your friends and family can watch you at a more convenient time. Tom ran his portion in the dark before sunrise, in the dead of winter!)


Anyway, a huge Congratulations to you!

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That's awesome! Running with the Olympic torch...I'm sooo jelaous! Grats! :D


My guesses are

Equestrian and Archery


Btw I also look at the Olympics all night long when it's in the wrong timezone, often at sports I usually never watch (like Hockey, Modern Pentahlon or Triathlon in the summer games and Shorttrack or Nordic combined in the winter games). I guess that's kind of sad but true too... :)

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