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ok tell the truth

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Not yet, I might go out of my way if it was a good online caching friend (like Eartha, or Apples)* but I wouldn't move it against the goal. (I don't Discover bugs)


If I can do the distance to get there I can probably move it somewhere in the right direction.



*Sorry for not mentioning all of the bucketloads of good online caching friends I have made over the years. :D

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The truth be told, I often do this. I have a horrible affliction caused by being bit by the travel bug disease. When going from my parents' house to my place roughly an hour's drive away, I often stop by about five or six caches, one of which is my own, just to check to see if there are any travel bugs in them that I haven't helped to move yet. I try to pay attention to the goals if attached to the traveler in some way but often there is no notice about goals attached. I figure if a traveler wants to head to Jamaica, and I'm nowhere near Jamaica, traveling five to thirty miles to another fairly local cache won't hurt it a bit. As others have aptly pointed out, movement is movement. I guess that the truth be told, this is one of the ways that I play this game.


What got me interested in geocaching to begin with was I was doing history and research for collectible Tonka people/ drivers from the sixties and seventies. Once I did an internet search and I came across a travel bug listing for "Tonka Man". I thought it was so fascinating that all of these different people collectively helped this little Tonka Man travel. After a few more searches, I came across gc.com and the rest is all history. Now I find that I scour local cache page listings and I will sometimes go back to a cache that I've already been to just to pick up a travel bug or a coin, and then leave one in its place. I know that travel bugs and other trackables are not trade items, I'm just speaking to how I play the game. How I play the game doesn't have to be the way you or your buddies play the game. As a result of my obsession with trackables, I can proudly say that I am #42 n travel bug movers on the list of Top 50 Travel Bug Finder's WorldWide. About a year ago, it was my goal to make it to top 50 list.

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sometimes moving a TB from one cache that is not visited much to another cache right down the road that is visited often may be a way of helping it without moving it far. this is my first year caching but since it is the wintertime, I might take a TB out of the woods and move it to a more convenient location till things warm up and more people start hiking again in a few months.


I don't own any TBs yet but I imagine an owner might be a little disappointed if they saw someone do the opposite and move a TB from an accesible location to a deep woods one in the wintertime; unless it is a TB bear or something that needs to go hibernate :D of course, caching has gotten me to do some snow hiking that I've never considered doing before. finding a cold TB adds to the fun.

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When I am planning a caching outing, I usually make my choices on which caches to grab based on trackables. If I am visiting a different town, those caches are on the top of my list. I always look online first to make sure the TB goal is compatible with my travel plans, and read the logs to make sure it is still there. Even locally, I have a running PQ for unfound caches with trackables and make those my priority when caching. I also have a few caches that I watch to see if any cool trackables are in them and grab them if I can help them with their goal. I am a TB junky, I will admit it. I get sentimentally attached to some of them and like to see where they have traveled once they left my hands, and wish them the best of luck in their goals. I also can't seem to get enough TBs on my account -it is always on my wish list for gifts!

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I have gone out of my way to get a TB. Its mission was to track down a GSA coin and then travel.


I took a few pictures and released it. Although I helped it with its mission I did not get many miles


on the TB. To me that is OK. I do not think a owner of a TB minds if you grab theres and only move it a


short distance. I would rather see mine moving little by little rather than just sitting in one spot for weeks


or maybe even months. I agree with hardings too. Check on the TBs mission before you grab it if possible.


That way if the Tb or coin is still in the cache when you find it you know what is to be done with it instead


of grabbing and just moving. Although, if a TB has been in a cache for an extended amount of time I will


move it to another cache that has more activity and a better chance of being grabbed even if it is a shorter distance.

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