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Icon cointest


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Here's the cointest :grin:


I need an icon for the Grenlandsmafiaen 2008 Geocoin.


I need both the 16x16 and 32x32 icon in gif format sent to post (at) stigroar (dot) net


Winner will recieve one Grenlandsmafiaen 2008 geocoin (free pick of edition/metal)

Edit to add that the top left coin will not be available, since we're not making that coin...






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My attemp:






The small one looked better with white background:



Lelle pretty much had the same idea that I did with the exception that I would have done it on a round background instead of a square. I also had thought of a round dark red background with just the hat on it.


Mauison's is really good, too! Like that one a lot!


Naomi :o

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Here are my icon attempts. Sorry this is sooo tiny. I, too, have trouble figuring out how to get images on here. I only know one way (Thanks again Mousekakat!) so if anyone can offer any other help on this, that would be great.


Thanks again to Smort78, too. This is a really fun one!

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Here you go surteb:




Oh! Thank you so much! Could you tell me how you did that so I know in the future? Really, thank you thank you! They look much better this way.


I use photobucket as my image host. I clicked on your image, saved it to my hard drive, uploaded it to photobucket, then linked the image.

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I used Paint.NET. *standing out from the crowd*


What, Lelle?


Don't you know you're Swedish!?!


What happened to lagom, to Jantelagen?


You renegade Swede, you!!




Naomi :)

My world is still kind of upside-down and inside-out since the event today, and it will probably take a few days to turn lagom again. :)


Jantelagen is Norwegian by the way... *desperatly trying to go back on-topic*

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And the winner is:

















Here's my attempt:







Please send me your address and what metal you would like, and I'll ship it to you as soon as I have the coins in hand (sometimes in february...)

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