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Kid's Community Geocoin


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I got our two a set to keep, they don't even know about them yet lol. I also got a set for them to release out in the geo world of caches. That way they can enjoy watching them travel. Thanks again for doing this they are going to be excited. I am just glad it happened at a time I could get all that we wanted.

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Thanks everyone! And thank you to Little Lizard, mousekakat and Oakcoins!! :):D This was a fun project to work on and I hope all the kids enjoy the coins too! :(


Shari (burgessfour) alerted me to this wonderful coin in time for me to grab two, but way late for my daughter (Broadway Star) to participate in the design phase or get her name listed. This concept for a coin is beyond fabulous! :sad:


Any chance a version 2 will be designed in the future? :)

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For those of you who have sent trade requests to LittleLizard:


LittleLizard received 5 AE coins. Obviously 1 he is keeping. He gave 1 to his best friend and caching buddy Muddy Jr as a gift (proud mom moment). He traded 1 with ME (smart kid, no gifts here LOL). He is currently working on one trade for a coin he has wanted for a while, pending.


That leaves him one AE trader. Please understand I am the go between for trades, as he is 7 years old, but all decisions are HIS alone. I am not sure if he is going to trade now or wait until Geocoinfest to trade in person. But I will present all offers to him. Again it is HIS decision, the coins are his and he understands trading.


He does have some regular editions for trading also.


Thank you, backhiker and LittleLizard

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We got our coins today, and Amigo Son #2 just LOVED seeing his name on the coin! The whole family was over for the afternoon, and they all loved them, too. I also ordered the Geokids Pin for my grandson, and the patch. I'll have to find him a little hat to put the patch on. Thanks for all the hard work that went into these coins.


The Amigos

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