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Mystery Coins

Laugh Your Cache Off

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Mystery coin givers are just that, a mystery. Few may think they know who they are but one can never be certain.


People lucky enough to find a mystery coin are welcome to keep them. I believe if they are found in a cache, they should be traded for equal or better value just like other swag. The people who distribute them do leave clues to where someone may find a treat but you need to know where to look.


Don't be surprised where a mystery cacher travels; they have magical powers to visit pretty much anywhere on the planet in a moment's time to leave their gifts.

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In the Netherlands gives Goede sint mystery coins away in caches. (when it is Sint birthday}

And there is now a mystery cacher giving a way "barny"coins. (Barny is a famous cacher in the Netherlands)

I think that the mistery cachers are very generous and there good people, so many coins they give away and still they are anonymous.

They make a lot of people very happy. :):D :

A big applause for every mystery cacher and thanks. :):D:)

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now WHO does not adore a good mystery?

the rush of adrenalin as the blade slits open THAT mailer...

Clues to the identity of the generous soul begifting the grateful spirit? ahhh then, perhaps on occasion...





patience, young grasshopper.



Looks like a new "player" in town?? :) Welcome aboard MasterofIntrigue....can't wait to see what surprises you have in store!!! :D


The MYSTERY coiners are some of the most generous souls here in the forums....very generous!! However, there are some truly giving souls here whom we all know...gotta THANK the whole community for being such a great "family"!!


My MYSTERY coins are in a special spot, there's also a very few other coins mixed in as well. These coins have special meaning to me...oh, and one hangs from my computer desk as well....gifted coins mean soooo much more to me!!!

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I like the ones that you find hidden in the caches. It makes the coin more special. :D


I have found a few in caches and had a few mailed to me. Its hard for me to say which is more special, as the adventures in seeking them out in caches have meant a lot to me, but then, the ones mailed to me always leaves me scratching my head as to why anyone would mail *me* a mystery coin :-) That's pretty darn cool.


I'm pretty amazed at the mystery coins that are distributed through caches though. I imagine a small network of folks that receive and then hide them. Its exciting to watch them pop up all over the world and leaves me wanting to thank the work of all those involved bringing us mystery joy!


Or maybe it always is really just that one magical coin giver popping up everywhere! There's no way to tell for sure!

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Unfortunately we don't get a lot of those Mystery cachers up in this neck of the woods so hopefully one day we receive one of those mystery packages in the mail. Either way, finding in a cache or delivered, they're all special as it's a gift from the heart. Thanks to all those folks...and looks like we may have a new one in the not too distant future.

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