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Backwoods Bear Trap


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Backwoods Bear Trap



(click for larger image)


Trackable on geocaching.com

3D teeth (front side only)

250 total production

1 5/8" X 3mm

Unique shape

Soft enamel

2 cut-outs


Samples have not been made yet, right now I'm trying to gauge interest.

This is not going to be a money-making coin, the price buyers pay will be near what it costs me.

Yes, trades will be made - but not after a good amount of coins are sold. (This does not apply to the couple trades I have already committed to)

Additional metal/color combinations will be chosen soon, but I don't plan to make many various "editions".

So, what's the interest level? I won't promise that changes will be made, but I will consider all suggestions.

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I wonder if it would work to make it hinged... like Anthus' laptop or the butterfly coins... would likely make it cost prohibitive...


I had considered doing that, but the cost would just be too much for my 17-year-old (as of yesterday) budget. I don't think buyers would really like an expensive coin either.

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What?? No fake blood all over the teeth? No bitten off limbs lying nearby? :anicute:

I find this coin rather disturbing.... but then I enjoy wildlife with 4 legs not 3. :blink:;)


Ok, just a little info about the coin. It is not meant to encourage trapping, if anything it would be the other way around. The thought has gone through my mind many times while caching on gamelands - "Man, if I step in a bear trap out here...." To me, this coin doesn't really symbolize the killing of wildlife. Hopefully by having this coin minted I will make more cachers aware of the dangers of these devices, and let trappers know the hazard it poses to cachers/hikers in the gamelands.

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Better hurry, I need that trap soon!!!! :)


I like the black, and all three of the copper colored ones on the bottom row.


Chances are I'll pick up one of each metal anyway, but those are the ones


I like.


I imagine you need one to keep them thar bears from eating the fish you dream about catching :)

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Sample Photos!




(click for bigger pic)


They will be mailed to me tomorrow, and I'll post better pictures once they arrive.


Here are the metals I am planning to have minted:

150 Black Nickel (RE)

75 Antique Silver (LE)

25 Antique Copper (Trade-Only)


Those metals/quantities may be changed later on.

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SWEET!!!! I will definately be getting at least one of each metal.


Although the copper ones are most likely out of reach. I have no


coins to trade. :huh: But that will not stop me from getting the other


ones. Thanks for having such a cool coin made! Looking forward


to seeing these in person! ;):huh:;)



Me, my first bear, and my now 5 1/2 yr old geocaching buddy, daughter Savannah!

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