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A possible nifty little tool

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I've used GPSGate for a long time on my PDA and so I get sent e-mails from them from time to time. I got one earlier today advertising a FREE service and you don't even have to buy GPSGate from them!


Details can be seen here but basically it's a tracking tool which uses your existing Bluetooth GPS and wap phone. I've just spent half an hour playing with it and have put together this web page as a sample exercise. If you click on my name the map will scroll to my current position. Not very exciting in itself as I'm at home but there seem to be all sorts of possibilities for when you're out Geocaching.


This is not an endorsement for Franson GPSGate, just sharing the idea. If a technonumpty like me can produce a simple page like this in a few minutes I'm sure you wizards out there can amaze the rest of us!!

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