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Help With Enigma GeoCoin Challenge

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I'd send them email or something... the original date was the 26th, but they moved it up and I bet they forgot to update that website!!


Congrats on "cracking" it :D



ta - i pm'd them with some mac stuff for the website was hoping the cacheunuts are watching this thread and would reply shortly :)


Thanks for the heads up!! All is good....Craig just forgot to change the final comment! All of your information was recorded and you're entered into the drawing so no worries :laughing:


NOTE TO EVERYONE....The drawing will be held on Thursday evening the 31st around 6:00 pm MDT - we've already awarded the 1st prize to SEWdaughter who was the 1st to solve. We'll be drawing out 7 additional names on Thursday evening so if you haven't yet completed the challenge....get 'cracken' :) 7 more limited edition two-toned antique bronze/chrome coins will be given away!!! We will post a note here with the winners names!!! GOOD LUCK!

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oh DANG! the website says I'm right but after entering my details it says the deadline has passed!

Sorry about that. We hadn't changed the website after we decided to change the deadline. We have your infomation and you are officially entered into the drawing. Same goes for anyone else who entered and received that false message.
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Cool! Now if you can throw out every name but mine....


Yes, I am joking again!





WITCH, lol! :)


Can you throw them all out except for Joni and mine, lol?





For my part, nobody has to be thrown out, as long as I'm guaranteed to be one of the winners...




That is very generous of you! :D

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Thanks Cache U Nuts for the fun of this!

I had the coin in hand for some time before I got the chance to work on it. Then could not seem to figure it out for quite awhile.....then one night just as I was getting ready for bed the light bulb lit.

Raced back to the computer and fiddled with it and got it working in just minutes.

The words and letters took a bit to figure it out and some experimentation of possibilities.

And before I knew it, I had it!


Very fun, a great challenge and I really enjoyed it.


Thanks! And congrats to the coin winners!



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Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the ENIGMA Challenge -


TCP would like to acknowledge and thank Dave Mars (aka The Mars Bars)...designer of the coin and challenge and a very 'special' thanks to Dirk Rijmenants from Belgium, Dirk is the creator of the Enigma Simulator that many of you used to "crack" the code. We'd like to encourage you to visit Dirk's website: http://users.telenet.be/d.rijmenants/index.htm where he currently has a very exciting challenge taking place!


Thanks Dave and Dirk for making the ENIGMA coin a GREAT success!

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Would someone who figured the code out please email me the answer. My brain hurts and I only tried for about 10 minutes a month ago. I just don't do puzzles. Thanks.

Me too but this one is ok as long as you have an Enigma Machine. You can get one from the internet -just check you have understood how to set up the machine before you start. I expect there should be some sort of trouble shooting page for this coin - perhaps someone will write one up for the......trackablecoin.com wiki :blink:


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Sorry to bring an old thread back to life (and I know the contest is over) but the coin has been driving me crazy these last few days.


I've downloaded an ENIGMA simulator and I am pretty sure that I have my settings correct but am getting stuck with the key starting position....


*wait a minute, checks pdf help file, light goes on over head, sees what he was doing wrong, and ...*




Two days I've been going over what was written here :blink: . Just started to type the above and beg for a clue with the start key but I think I've got it now!


*off to submit answer*




YES :):cry::cry::):):)

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I had an Enigma GeoCoin ( http://www.thecachingplace.com/shop/pc/vie...p;idproduct=254 ) given to me for Christmas. Has anyone completed an Enigma GeoCoin challenge? I downloaded the Enigma Simulator, keyed in all the info from the coin, and I get gibberish when I try and decode the message. Oh, and I was not aware that you only get 5 tries. So I'm at one try left.


Can anyone who has successfully completed the challenge give me a hand?





I suggest you read the paragraph "The Message Key" here . When I had read it and repeated it slowly to myself 25 times or so, I finally managed to understand what I had missed.



We spent about 2 hours on it when we got the coin and that was the part we were missing as well. I'm sure that's where a lot of people get stuck. Just remember, everything you need to know is on the coin!!


I still don't get it. Pls help me :)

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I recently got one of these coins and successfully decrypted it – after a pleasing amount of head-scratching – using an online simulator at https://cryptii.com/pipes/enigma-machine.


"Of course I won't spoil the fun,"  :cool:  but here are a few tips on exactly how to use this software which were not initially clear to me.


The "Enigma M3" default setting corresponds to the Naval M2114 used on this coin.


This simulator has three groups of settings:  "rotor," "position," and "ring."

  • As expected, "rotor" is the rotor selection for each of the three slots in the machine.
  • What this simulator calls "position" is what the coin calls "outer ring" and corresponds to what letters the operator would see.
  • What this simulator calls "ring" is what the coin calls "inner ring" and corresponds to the position of the plastic disc inside, known only to the officer.

(Not all available simulators have all eight rotors which were used with this machine – this one does.)


Even twelve years later – "thanks for the geo-challenge!"

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