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This was taken in NY state



That's about an hour and a half north of where I live. There is also a Greece, NY about two hours from here (it's a suburb of Rochester)

I had probably had driven by you then. I was driving from Aberdeen MD to Ottawa ON.


You were probably on 81. I'm about 28 miles west of 81. Ithaca is one of those places that unless you have a reason to go there, you're not going to see if if you're traveling on interstates.


I forgot about Cuba. Of course, there are lots of cities which have names the same as cities in other countries as well (Rome, Hamburg. Warsaw).



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I remember Cuba well since that's where my mother was born and also where I jump off the Expressway headed home for reunions from Kentucky. She got grief one time crossing into Canada to visit the Falls. She had been asked where she was born and instead of saying "New York State" she said "Cuba". Took some explaining but not nearly as much as the time my step father forgot about having his gun in the motor home and they decided to visit Canada.

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Here is one I found funny. Living in the Canadian Praries, we have no turtles, so this seems bizzar to me. Maybe is is common other places.


The strangest part is that this was taken on a military base, in the fire range. Do we really care about turtles living on the fire range? If we are concerned about them getting run over, do we also need to insure that morters or artillary are not going to kill any turtles?

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