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Has anyone gone paperless w/ a Pocket PC?


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I've used both Palm and Pocket PC. After going PPC the Palms now just sit on my desk.

For PPC you can get either GPXSonar or GPXView instead of Cachemate. I've used Cachemate on both Palm and PPC and much prefer GPXSonar. The downside is the writer for GPXSonar no longer supports it. You can still find links to it tho.

GPXSonar and GPXView are free altho that's not hardly a factor given the small price for Cachemate.

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Every article I read about going paperless is in reference to a palm based unit. There are a few that say you can use a Pocket PC, but none of them give specifics. Have any of you done this?


It's very simple.


Pocket PC. GPXsonar. Done. Just copy your GPS file to the Pocket PC when you need to see it. the pocket PC also has some very good mapping solutions.


The reason palm comes up a lot is that a lot of folks could care less about the PDA's other functions and are mostly interested in paperless. For them Palm is dirt cheap and does the job with Cachemage. Used palms are so cheap that you can go paperless for 25 bucks or less. They have the bonus of that if you break it they are cheap to replace. It doesn't hurt that Palm's been around longer and has a large user base to provide those used deals.


My next paperless device will likely just be the GPS.

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