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OSU-LSU cointest

Eric K

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I'm from Ohio so hopefully Ohio State won't embarass themselves like they did last year! :anicute:


First to post the winning score wil recieve one of the Sample Sputnik coins.


The coin isn't trackable and has my name on it "ERIC" where the code would be. Only a few of these sample coins were made and none of have been sold.


Good luck and Go Buckeyes!


Edited to add winning post must be made BEFORE 8:00 P.M. Eastern Monday.

Edited by Eric K
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Sorry but.....


LSU 41

OSU 13


BTW....the wrong SEC team is playing but thats my 2 cents :drama:


I see you are expecting a bit of a blowout I see. :anicute:

Yeah I am I suppose. I grew up in Big Ten country and after 4 years in SEC country, much faster and different football than what the Big Ten plays. Maybe OSU learned something after last year and will make it close. I hope so because I'd hate to see another blow out in the title game. :ph34r:

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