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Help with Etrex Vista HC

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When I'm going to a Cache it says arriving and it will not switch to the compass, So that

I can see what Direction and how far to go.


Is there anyway with this unit once you get so close that it will flip from the map to the compass??


I had the Venture for 2 days and it did this..


Thanks for the help...

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You GPS will not automatically go to the compass page, or switch to off-road mode.


Hit menu-menu-setup-routing. You have the choice to be prompted for faster time/shorter distance and off-road/follow road. Select Prompted for both or just the off-road/follow road.


If auto-routing and you want to go to off-road mode, hit the menu key and select recalculate which will prompt you to select between off-road mode and follow road.

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Yes I guess I was just confused because I had the Legend for 2 days and when I used it it would flip to the compass when I got so close to the cache.


Thought that since it was almost the same model It would work the same..


Thanks for the feedback...

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I believe my Vista did the same thing. I loaned to a friend; so, I can't look this up.


But I know my Venture Cx and Vista HCx do not. What you can do is change the sequence of the pages so you only have to press the top right button once to go from map to compass.

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