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Proposed 2008 TB race

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Just a quick question, what if the cache has 2 bonus words in it's name, like "persons name" and "garden"? Does the TB get 25 points for each?


Yes you do - unless a tb owner deliberately hides a cache with many of the words im, just to score extra points!


That would be funny. But only until the owner finds everyone else has their TB do a stop there except his.

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And away they go!


I wonder who "THEY" are though? :lol:


Will the progress of all the contestant TB's [and GC's] be tracked through this Forum or will it be on the Georanking page in the future?


Good Luck to all and may the fastest - or that with the most stamina - be the victor after 366 days on the road!



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Well, its seems QFC has decided that as I was traitorous enough to flee the country, I have to make amends by planning the next TB race.


This is a duplicate of my post on the 2007 TB race forum thread.


Right, I've managed to figure it all out, except the precise point values to be supplied.

- I propose the race starts on 1Feb, to allow time for TBs to be prepared. Unless you folks think its more romantic to start on Valentines day?

- TBs must be new ones which have not travelled. New geocoins will also be accepted in the race. Owners may label or tag their TBs with race info as they see fit.

- TBs can start at any cache of the owners choosing (In South Africa only), and can end anywhere.

Expats such as Bats, John_gill, etc may enter a TB, but this needs to be posted to a cacher in SA for release.

- Tbs can go anywhere in the world

Points will be given for the following:

- distance travelled in 20km units (a jump less than 20km doesn't count)

- per cache visited. These will be further broken down into type of cache, with reg getting few points, then multi, then puzzle and virtual, then earthcache, then webcam getting top points.

- Per terrain and difficulty star rating.

- per country visited. The countries will be broken down into 4 groupings, each worth different points.

Country groupings currently are:

- group 1 - USA, UK, Australia,

- group 2 - Canada, NZ, Western Europe, Ireland, Swaziland, Lesotho

- group 3 - Eastern Europe, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana

- group 4 - Africa, central and South America, Middle East, Asia (including Russia and ex-states)

- extra points will also be given if a TB visits a cache on an FTF

- Extra points will be given if a TB visits a cache with a certain word in the title. I have a list of 50 words to use. I won't list them all here but examples are mountain, river, giant, gold, time, North etc.

- TBs can make multiple jumps with the same cacher, but will only be awarded the points for the highest value cache and single distance of the journey. The other points will not count.

- owners can move their TBs 10 times during the race, but any points they get for that distance, terrain rating etc will be halved. Owners may not do multiple hops though. The owner may not remove the TB from the starting cache either.

- Points generated from the starting cache value will count, and will not be halved, so choose your starting cache well.

- Extra points will be given for the 5 best photos logged on the TB page. Owners to please send their applications to me near the end of the race if they think they have a great photo.

- At my discretion, I might award points for the cutest TB or flashest coin, based on the main home page photo. (I will probably not be entering the race)

- Sympathy points will be given to TBs who stay in one cache or with a cacher for 1 month or more with no activity

- If Tb gets muggled, sympathy points will accumulate every month for rest of competition!


So thats it. No head chopping, unless theres just too many TBs, and I'm feeling lazy!


Let me know what you think. Any suggestions or feedback? How many people would want to enter a racer?

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