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suggestions on taking a scout troop geocaching


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My 5th grade daughter is in a small girl scout troop and some parents of other scouts in her troop ran into us geocaching in our local park and thought it would be lots of fun for the girl scout troop to do. I am thinking of volunteering to take her troop out for an afternoon of geocaching.


How would you handle the "goodies"? Would each girl bring an item to leave, perhaps take an item and sign the log book? Or should I be the sole representative of the troop's find and sign the log & claim the find in my Groundspeak account? Perhaps leave one thing from the troop as a whole (since it's unlikely to be enough goodies for everyone, or it may be impossible to fit goodies from everyone)?


I'm currently thinking I'll let the girls sign the log and we'll leave 1 item as a troop... but not take anything (unless we want to move and track a travel bug as part of the activity) and I would claim the find on my account since the troop wouldn't have an account.


Any others take their scouts geocaching, and how did you handle the logistics?



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I will be doign some caching activities for both of my daughters' troops.


My oldest's (8th grade) troop is working towards the High Tech Treasure Hunt badge. I will help them set up a cache, where each girl supplies a trade goodie to start the cache with. I also have a traveler that I figure each girl can provide specific (but easy) goal for (visit NYC, see a cow, etc). We will leave the traveler in the cache. I planned on listing the cache and traveler with my account, but if the leader wants, I can set up an account for her. There are a few other caches in the park we will place it in, so they will all try to find those as well.


My wife is my youngest daughter's leader (5th grade), and we plan on taking them to the same park (after the new cache is placed) for them to find all of the caches. I think the idea of each girl bringing something to leave is a good idea. I also have a traveler ready for them to assign goals for as well. In this case, I will use my account, and just log notes, perhaps written by each of the four girls (I've found all of them already!).

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I have always told the boys to bring some thing they'd be willing to trade. I'll generally have some extra items anyway, though. I just went caching with some our troop last week after a cleanup project (here) last week and my be doing a few after our disc golf outing today. We'll see.


I've found the boys always love it and it fits in nicely with scouting.

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