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Friday Night Cointest


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Is it on this list? somewhere you see? Cause im stumped...but I got my missions coins ready...almost! Still got all the goodies left to add n stuff!:P

Ooops...I meant this list that was my search list :D


No, No, No. The salt air must be getting to you. (your salt air is real, ours is from the sound)

Im 22 miles inland no salt in the air...I swear!!! :laughing:

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How about Riverdance? :laughing:


Why would You think that?


someone mentioned Irish earlier, and I saw a performance of Riverdance last weekend


Actually, my sister took me to see Riverdance for a birthday present when they were in Seattle some years back. Strangely enough, That was my #2 choice but, unfortunately, I went for This instead.

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