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Maui cache recommendations

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My wife turns 40 this year so I've saved up my nickels and I'm taking her on a surprise trip in four weeks to Maui for her 40th birthday (from Ohio). We were there 16 years ago and loved it so I thought it would be a great trip for my wife's birthday.


In addition, I'm 2 caches away from reaching my 2000th find so I plan on making my 2K on Maui and I'd love some recommendations for this find. We're staying in Kihei for a week so I'd prefer to make this find maybe within a half hour drive of Kihei. That way I can make the find on our first day and then continue to find caches as time permits throughout the week. We'll have a car and plan to drive everywhere on the island so other cool cache recommendations would be appreciated too.


Thanks in advance for the help!



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If you want to search caches closest to Kihei before you leave, their zip code is 96753. Looks like right now the closest one is In The Center! in Kihei.


One of our favorites is the Beer, Ice-cream or Candy cache in Kaupo. You can't approach it from Hana anymore due to the road still being out from the 2006 earthquake. So you'll need to approach it from the upcountry/Kula area (which is beautiful). Make sure you have plenty of gas before leaving the Kula area b/c there are NO services past there. The scenery is amazing and well worth the drive even if you don't find the cache. There's also a Firecracker Beach cache on that part of the highway that is neat. There's ocean and vista views everywhere so if you have a nice day, consider a picnic.


You can also check our profile for some other cache ideas or go to my blog www.truealoha.com/blog that has a special Geocaching in Hawaii section.


Have fun! What a great gift!! :bad:


Team Aloha

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