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News Item: Man follows GPS onto train tracks

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Guys, hey...look at the bright side, now maybe we'll get a cool sticker on our GPS's we buy that has one of those stick dudes getting run over by a train with a big red circle and slash through it...
Just did a google image search for "train warning sign." Best I could find was:



There were some other signs that cachers probably want to heed, too:





I've heard this one is posted at Groundspeak HQ:




For those who cache in/near water:




...And for those who cache after they've been in the water:




A few just made me wonder:




...Such a wide variety of signs, and not one of a car being crushed by a train?!? :P


Oh well... :P

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ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GPS. NOT! A local cacher who has a very expensive GPS unit that he is MIGHTY proud of related in one of my cache logs that he followed "Jill's" (GPS voice name) directions down a caliche county road instead of returning the way he had come to a paved road a mile away. He ended up 85 miles south of where he wanted to be. At the price of gas today, Jill cost him more than I am sure he wanted to pay for one cache.

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If your friends jumped of a bridge would you do it?


No, but if my GPS told me to I would...


see profile photo :unsure:


What is that photo anyway? It's hard to make out...you have a large version of it?


It is me jumping off of the New River Gorge bridge on Bridge Day '06. I'll see if I can find the photo and post a link to it.

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