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Unufficial CITO

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My son's Boy Scout Troop did a "CITO" event this past Saturday that I had suggested listing, but our lead said there wouldn't really be all that much trash. Well, I found out differently when we showed up. It's true there was not really a lot of random litter, but we did clean up two BIG piles of refuse and had to leave some other items for a future visit. Maybe next time I'll list it.


It was the brainstorm of one of our ASM's that is a casual cacher and coordinated with the park volunteer who is also a cacher. Add my son and four out of the nine folks that showed up were cachers.


Here's some of the "not much" trash we cleaned up:





About half of it consisted of 6 foot sections of HVAC duct work. The rest of misc junk, largely going back to the days that this part of the park was a farm. Other than that, we collected about 2 large bags of litter of the section we patrolled.


After the cleanup, we visited four caches. The guys enjoyed the hunt and even the clean up. When we come back in the spring, I'll make sure to get them to the rest.



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Thanks. There is a cache very close to where the trash heaps were and I even remember when I first found it, I thought it might have been tucked back into one of the HVAC ducts. It wasn't. Actually, two of the scouts stumbled on it as we were doing the clean up.


Unfortunately there was a washing machine at there and a refridgerator elsewhere in the park that we were not able to remove. Maybe in the spring with some planning and enough help. That's probably where my setting it up as an official CITO event would come in.


(PS - Notice you're from Seattle. Your not a Seahawks fan are you?)

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Way to go, DG and company. I am so impressed! Officially listed or not, you all did one heck of a great job. High fives and pats on the back for all of you, especially those hard-working kids. :anicute:



It's great (and encouraging) to see others who care about our playgrounds!

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