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MISSION: Birthday Mission 2008

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:D TA DA . . . It came 23 JAN 09 - just waited for the pics :)


Small bump again.

I have send a mission sometime ago now. I have send 2 packages on the same day to the US and the other has been received 2 weeks ago.

Any receiving news????








THANK YOU Millieballon for stepping in . Even though my birthday was October 14, I Never gave up .


( Did I saw - THANK YOU ! ! !

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Lucky me! Wonderful incoming mission.


At the end of 2008, I volunteered to exchange a last minute mission with CraftHouse Cachers in the UK.

Three girls in December, and I received a package for last weekend! (Note - this is NOT the 2009 Birthday Mission.)


The girls individually made a card each, and I also received three lovely butterflies, three birthday parcels....




The chocolate did not last ...... mmmmmmmmmm






I can't edit the photos at the moment due to computer problems.... working on hubby's computer and he has the wrong editor loaded.... so I'll take a risk on that #


THANK YOU for such a WONDERFUL mission!

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