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"Home Sweet Home" Cointest


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Are you ready for some Football? Whoops---a cointest?


I have spent New Year's Day as usual and so far have watched all or part of 4 football games with the Sugar Bowl still to come. It has been rather nostalgic for me though. Why? Well because 2007 was more than likely the last year in my home. I like the place but have to sell. Thems the breaks and the reason for the title of the cointest.


Now the specifics...


What will you win? One of my Chat Happens geocoins. I am a big Beatles fan so had to get in on the project.


Now the rules


1. No editing of your post. I can edit mine but you can't.

2. One post every 10 minutes.

3. No whining.

4. I have the final determination of the winner.

5. I will give hints at random times if needed. The times may depend on how the football game is going!

6. I may add more rules if I have forgotten any

7. You must have both answers in one post to be declared the winner.

The question is:


What was the month and year that I first bought my current home and moved in?


Let the guessing begin!!!

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Boy you guys are good! :( My first hint was to be it was before selective availability


Well I don't know what that means but will guess


Aug, 1987


President Clinton turned off the Selective Availability on May 1, 2000 so our GPS units become much more accurate


Thank you


June 1999

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