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I believe there is a mystery cacher of this sorts, one who will arrive shortly from a galaxy far, far away, but that this is not of their doing...


Well who's doing is it then??? Michigan is far far away, but really isnt a galaxy at all and I see much activity there...I could USE THE FORCE...But that'd break the bank for sure!!! A mystery cacher of sorts-EH? Nice coin! :(


Good luck to any seekers of this shiny little chunk! That'd be a great one to find! I wonder how many caches they are dropped at and if they are activated.

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I wonder how many caches they are dropped at and if they are activated.

Not activated under his name...Not a one!!! :wub:


This particular coin cannot be activated, just traded with other coins of it's kind and logged on pathtags.com. I'm the owner of this pathtag and I came across this post while looking up the real Jedi coin (the one mentioned on the Podcacher podcast). It cracks me up that this tag has a bit of a following. If anyone that has a Pathtag not currently in my collection and is interested in trading, please contact me via my profile on pathtag.com. If anyone else is interested, contact me via my geocaching.com profile and we'll work something out.

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I'll assume you found this tag, from IMJedi. I know I traded tags with him back in Feb. 07. I'm sure someone got one and dropped it in a cache near you. He used to trade them freely.


IMJedi Profile

Not that it bears much to this thread, but oddly enough I just picked one of these out of a cache. Small world!

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