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It IS 2008 already


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Here in Australia it is already half-way through New Year's Day 2008. Some of us have even found caches already. We'd love to log them, but we can't. We've grown used to having to reset the date to "tomorrow" when logging our finds (since most of you guys are behind us, as far as time is concerned), but today we can't. We can adjust the day, and we can adjust the month, but we can't adjust the year to get 2008 as it isn't in the drop-down menu. This is a tad annoying ("tad" means "little" ... but there's usually a degree of understatement attached). It'd be great if this problem could be fixed for next year (since I presume it's unlikely to be fixed in the next couple of hours).

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I'll second SamCarter's comments.


Previously we could just select "tomorrow" and log our finds, now we haven't a "2008" year to select.


Having found 2 FTF's this morning, it would've been great to log them so as other nearby cachers realise the FTF opportunity has passed and they could consider whether to go out or not.


In our neck of the woods the temperature is forecasted to be 43C degrees (110F degrees), too hot for most cachers.



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When will we be able to log 2008?


Do we have to wait until 12:00 pst to log 2008?


I don't have 2008 in the list box.


THX AND happy new year to everyone!!!




From what the Aussies are reporting, we probably will not be able to log 2008 caches until the site is hotfixed, or *maybe* 12 pm.


Kinda a showstopper issue, but all the gs staff probably aren't exactly checking in right now...

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