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Coordinate Checker for Submitted Caches


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I don't know if this idea has been kicked around before, but is there any way to submit a cache coordinate for a proposed cache and be told whether or not it is too close to another cache? A nice broad message like "Sorry, too close to another stage or final location."


This would save the time and effort of placing a cache (or multi cache) and then having to pick it up if it is too close to a mystery cache or a multi stage. This would also save reviewers time in checking proposed caches.


Perhaps this may help people "cheat" if they were searching for a cache, but wouldn't the benefits outweigh the possible abuse of the system?



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I think it is a good idea...the more tasks that can be done by the cache owners (to lead them) the better the quality of a new cache before it is send to a reviewer.


For security reasons this can be used only when filling in the new cache form (as a validation which needs to be passed).




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Email your friendly neighborhood reviewer and ask. Simple.

I agree with Lil Devil. Whenever I go out to place a cache, I put all the caches I have not yet found, and the caches I have found, (for that immediate area) in my GPSr. That way, I can determine whether I am close to another cache.


If it is an area where I think a Puzzle cache, or Multi waypoint, might be located, I send an email to my Reviewer ahead of time to confirm the area I am considering is open. I've only had to do this twice prior to placing a cache.

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Even the most crude of tools could be abused to help determine where a final is.


Simple method is to email the reviewer if there are any puzzle caches or multi caches within 2 miles of your proposed location. (2 miles is overly generallized but should work most of the time).


All other caches can be easily researched via the existing tools.

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Thank everyone for replying to my post. I live in a small city, and even if I check the site for nearby caches, I seem to be too near a multi or a puzzle cache. It is the multi or puzzle stages that seem to trip me up, so I thought that having an easy way to check would save reviewers time.


I think that for the abuse of the proposal, that could happen, and a few cachers would take advantage, but I like to think that the vast majority would not abuse the cache checker. But maybe I'm too optimistic? :P Do the ends outweigh the possible abuses?

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Why don't you do all the puzzle and multi caches, then you would know where they are.

You know, for some people that is a viable option. For me, doing the Multis isn't a problem . . . but the Puzzle cachers in this area are way too smart for me. :P If I think a Puzzle might be in an area, I have to resort to emailing my Reviewer to make sure the area is open . . . :)

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One idea.....create the cache page but don't activate it. Click on the nearby caches link and that will pick up all nearby caches. It won't help with stages of multis or final locations for Mystery/Puzzle caches but it's a crude estimator.


Second idea......send an email to your local reviewer with the GC code from the above cache and ask them to check proximity issues on it for you. This method will pick up the multis and mystery/puzzles and the reviewer will also be able to see if anyone else is planning an, as yet, unactivated cache in the same area.

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