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TB rescue near Welwyn Garden City


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Hi everyone,


I've just received an email from a chap in Japan, who has asked if I can help rescue a travel bug that is stuck in a cache near Gustard Wood (north of Wheathampstead, in between Harpenden and Welwyn Garden City) in Hertfordshire. I'd love to help but unfortunately I can't drive, so it's difficult for me to get to this cache from where I live :anibad: I was wondering if any cachers who live in the area might be able to lend a hand please?


The TB is called "CLB's Thomas the Tank Engine", and the cache is GCVE7W, "Stargate P51000".


Hope someone can help, it looks like this bug was released on behalf of a 4 year old boy so it would be nice to get it moving again :o





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I went out and visited the cache this morning as I had some other bugs to put into The Stargate cache, and whilst there I retrieved the travel bug in question. It was only by accident that I read this thread, as I rarely visit the forums these days, and was not contacted by the owner of the bug.


I think we should all bare in mind that travel bugs were designed to be picked up by people who visit the cache and then moved on. If the cache does not get visited for a while, it's unfortunate but patience must be had. We have had in the past a TB that never moved for six months, others have had bugs go missing for years then suddenly turn up again. It's all part of the risk of having bugs and if the travel bug holds a great deal of sentimental value, then you must ask yourself, should you release it?

I can understand that a young child is eager to see their Bug travel as much as possible but I'm affraid that's not always possible.


Let's hope now that some mileage can be gained for 'Thomas the Tank'

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Hiya, thanks for moving this on! Many apologies, I meant to contact you direct when Alibags mentioned it, but I've been really disorganised cos of new year stuff ;)


I'm not sure why this TB owner contacted me as I don't think I've ever had any dealings with him in the past (I could be wrong though). You're totally right about people needing to have patience - I just noticed that the Thomas TB was only placed in the cache in October so the owner does seem a bit overanxious to get it moving!! I've had bugs stuck in caches for months myself and don't have a problem with that so long as they are safe and haven't been muggled!


Anyway, thanks again - I hope that the bug owner is grateful for your help B)

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See?, I said the Ollies were nice. ;)


Just wait until you get a rude email from a TB owner, three days after you have picked it up, demanding that you make a 50 mile round trip to drop off their bug at a specific cache (which you have previously visited)... now that's impatient! B)

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