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Setting my collection free to the wild


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I am blown away by the response.

What a great way to end the year and begin a new one.

Thanks for all the kind comments and offers to help.

It will take a little time to sort it all out but I think this should be fun.

A couple of ideas have percolated.


It seems unfair to race since different coins will be going to many locations and.As we all know a traveler might make it to a goal location that is thousands of miles away faster than one that is hundreds of mile away.Besides this should be fun.


I will probably send a bunch out with the goal of returning to me since dropping so many coins here might not work well but I plan on enlisting the aid of local cachers. Another nice reconnection with my geocaching friends.How cool is that??


With others watching the coins I will feel less pressure to track them and just enjoy the fact that they are getting shared with others on a lot of levels. It would make sense to start a thread to watch them and post comments to as well.


I am going to try to set up a web page that will list all the coins and the destinations so others can watch with out clogging their watchlists


I am sure quite a few will "disappear" but that is just the nature of travelers. I have recycled quite a few tags and coin #'s by releasing new items with the numbers attached.


I think I have enough coins to cover those who have requested them but keep posting if you are interested.

Give me some time get organized and get them drilled and tagged and I will post more and contact those who have contacted me.



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Cool! We have a Firefighter on it's way to see us. If this is the same coin that I traded with you in early 2006 than it's one of my first trades. :rolleyes: I still have your DancingFool coin at the begining of my first coin binder. I pretty much so keep them in the order that I receive them.


If anyone sees the Firefighter (TBTWZ6), please help it along to it's goal!


Thanks so mcuh for doing this DancingFool!



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Yeppers! We're now keeping an eye on this one! TBMZA1, the Fundemental & Venus Geocoin. I love the icon with the walking family, can't wait to see the actual coin!


Thanks, Dancin' Fool, for doing this!


Naomi and family :rolleyes:


Edited to add... even cooler, I finally tracked down a picture of it and it's a SAAB!! Sweden bound, hehehe!

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So i have been avoiding the Geocoin Forums for the last couple of weeks as i have just started uni and i am trying to get my head around being a student again and i am also trying to save some money. (totaled it up and i have spent nearly $450 since mid november on this addiction). :rolleyes:


Then on Thursday i got a message via GS from Dancingfool and my first thought was "have i got a Travel Bug at the bottom of my Backpack" :wacko: but thankfully no. He was telling me that he has launched TBVCJ1 to come and visit us here in Scotland. :lol:

i will admit that i had to think about it for a minute before i remember that i did indeed send an email to say we'd take one :wacko: and i am now looking forward to watching it travel across the pond.


Thanks for this great project. I look forward to your coin meeting with the Team Falconer Scotland Geocoin when it gets here.


Ljay (trying to avert eyes from all these lovely projects :lol: )

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Hi dancing fool - awesome project. I will have to think about it as this also what i want to happen to my coins when i get bit more elderly or something else happens :rolleyes: hey you never know....

why don't you ask if you can use the cachinggames site to track all these coins and see their travels easily on one site? The individuals could upload all the details for each coin.

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Having looked at most of the coins, It seems as if you had an insight on and about us. As those coins appear to be perfect matches :rolleyes:


It looks like a lot of time was spend trying to find a good match for each of us. It makes it seem more personal. I love the extra effort it took to make it even more special. THANKS


I agree wholeheartedly! I mean a family icon AND a SAAB car on a coin going to a family with a member from Texas who lives in Sweden is just too perfect!




Naomi :bad:

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What a project!!!!

Lot more work than I had planned but the coins are all drilled, tagged, and the pages edited.

For those who recently e mailed I will try to send more out but for now I need to let the dust settle.

I sent e mail to those who have coins designated for them. If you did not get one let me know and I will get back with you.

I created a web page that lists all the coins going out if you wanted to check some others and I may create some sort of blog or area of interesting logs as the coins begin to circulate.

You can see it here

Dancingfools Traveling Geocoin Collection

They should start finding their way into caches soon.

Thanks for all the nice comments. It was nice to reconnect and look at so many profiles and cache pages and imagine the travels to come.

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Keep an eye out for TBQFYP -- Screw geocoin -- on its way to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Don't know what this selection says about me if DF is trying to match coins to people! :o

Just kidding! I know I'm a newcomer to the forums and nobody knows me from Adam!


Cheers and thanks again for setting up this project!

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