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Setting my collection free to the wild


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I have been away from the coin forum for a long time and I have not had much time for Geocaching or coins lately so I have decided to send a major number of my trackable coins into the wild.


My plan is to send them to others by giving them a specific home cache goal of the person I am sending it to.

Once they reach the person they are intended for I suppose they can just travel or be given another similar goal.

I figured the coin forums was a great place to find cachers who would enjoy being a part of releasing coins to the wild. I thought others might have some thoughts about how to make this fun. Please post your ideas or thoughts.


If you are interested in getting a coin sent to you please contact me through my profile with the cache that you want the coin sent to.

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Sent an e-mail too. As for other ideas, since you are sending the coins to specific caches, see how far away the destination caches are from your home coordinates. Then "pair up" coins who have goals that are similar distances from you. Then have the pairs race each other to their respective goals. Can a coin travel 5000 miles to Hawaii faster than anther can get 5000 miles to Finland? Will a coin get to Florida before it's pair gets to Maine? (I'm just guessing on all mileage estimates, but you get the idea). If the coin coming towards me was racing one going in another direction, I'd watch them both. :anibad:


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Great idea.It will work as long as people read the missions (which quite often they don't) I have a TB tag that was coming from Ontario to me in Sooke BC made it to Victoria & then went to Texas ...I beleive but on it's way to Saskatewan ! Hopefully it will make it back to me ...

If you do want a few to make it to the west coast of Canada I'm in..

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Email sent!!!


A race would be cool, maybe the 1st 2nd, etc. to recieve em! Other than that you could always pick points of interest along the way you would like to see a picture of.


A drilled hole with a tag would be the best for the longevity of them and would help to keep them on track...You could even provide the Points of interests listed on the tag.


Maybe even allow the cacher to recieve the coin the option to trade you coins and adopt or have you activate the trader so they could send it off back to you...Like a long distant "cachers express" coin trade! :anibad:


Thanks for releasing, yet more coins into the wild!

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I applaude you for doing this and hopefully allowing others to enjoy them as much as you may have. :o


I wish them the best of luck and would encourage you to spread out their starting locations throughout the world to achieve a better outcome for them (at the very least, they won't fall in the hands of one or two undesirables). :anibad:


I like finding rare geocoins in caches and the feeling when they are moved on rather than kept, is uplifting, especially after hearing some dissapointing tales. May more coins find their way safely throughout the caches.



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What a great idea and thanks for releasing instead of selling! We love finding coins in caches and we so seldom do. I've trained each of my caching children, grandchildren and friends that trackable are to be moved on as quickly as possible even if it's within the family! We do get them back on the road eventually. We're not far from you but if you want one released from the Detriot area, we're heading there for court next week. Darn ex-son-in-law trying once again to get full custody of two of our caching grandkids so they can't come visit.



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Thanks for all the great responses.

I knew I could count on cachers to help out.


I had not thought about starting 50- 100 coins from my home cache at one time so I need to figure a good way to spread them out. May be a distribution party here and sending some to locations around the country with the goal of returning.


I will probably set up a web page to track them and allow others to see the progress of other coins involved


I'm off to work but I'll post more as the idea gels.

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Hello Mike,


We live in NorthEastern Wisconsin and would be honored to place a couple of your coin out in the Northwoods to start their missions. We will pass you along a email. Thanks for sending your coins in the wild then just selling them. At least you can still look forward to watching where all your coins travel then just selling them and someone keeping them in their collection.


Happy New Years,



Barry and Val




Mountain, WI.

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