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Thinking about buying a new GPS

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I am thinking about buying a Garmin this time but do not know how the maps work. The way I read some of the logs it sounds like you have to buy sections or states of the US at a time. I have always used Magellan ( gold and explorist 500) and have had good luck but I don’t know if I want to go with the Triton or go Garmin. Have looked at the Garmin 60csx.


I use it geocaching, hunting, and for autorouting.

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When you purchase the auto-routing maps, you get one Unlock Code to put those maps on one GPS unit. The U.S. maps cover the entire country and you can load whichever map segments you wish to load.


The Topo maps do not have an Unlock Code, so you can put them on a GPS unit you get now, but also any GPS unit you purchase in the future without having to purchase a new Unlock Code.


I have the Vista HCx which you might prefer for Geocaching and Hunting because its small size is convenient. For driving, many people prefer the Garmin 60CSx because they like the buttons on the front of the unit.

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So if I purchase the auto-routing maps and I get the code I can load any of the states at any time like the Magellan maps??

It doesn't have to be a state at a time, either. I keep the southern half of Indiana, most of Kentucky, and about half of Ohio and Illinois on my 60 CSX most of the time, since that is the area that surrounds where we live. When we take trips elsewhere, I put the route on the map on my computer and then select the areas of the map around the route and put that on my GPS too.


You pull up the map, and highlight what you want, then send that to the unit.

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