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New Year's Coinest! :)


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Happy New Year Everyone! I think it's time for another cointest. I don't know the coin yet ...gotta fish through and see what I have. So it will be a surprise.


Simple Rules:


-Post only AFTER it has hit January 1st, 2008 where ever you are in the world. (Posting prior to Jan.1 will disqualify you :o )


-Only one post per cacher/family name


-Your post must include the words "Happy New Year"


-And your post must have a New Year's Resolution in it. :o:anibad:


Thanks! Happy New Year!! :o:o


I will have a random draw from all the eligible posts on January 1st, 2008 @ 9:00pm EST.


Edited to add: It doesn't have to be right after midnight...anytime after as long as it's on Jan 1st.

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We wish you a Happy New Year from the Netherlands.

The time is now: 1-1-2008 00:04

Our resolution is “to have more fun”.

But we think that you must do everything you can all year long.

Try to be good, listen to people, help someone out, be nice, take care for animals,

Take care for nature, have respect for everybody etc.

If you do this all year long, you don’t forget it, to do this, it will be your nature.

Happy New Year and watch out for the fireworks.


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Now we have here in Germany 12:45 am, 01.01.2008


We wish all of you a happy new year. :blink:B)B)


best wishes from Smily2617

Margit and Hans


the resolution for the Year 2008 is:


first of all "smile if you found a cache" B)

then smile to every people you met and respect the nature, because without the nature we can not go out to hide and search caches.



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Happy New Year from Indianapolis, Indiana!!!


My New Year's resolution is a simple one. Never, ever to take my family and friends for granted. My family has learnt that the hard way this last year and the forums have learnt the same thing when the news broke about Tank. It's too easy to assume that we will always have those that we love around forever.



May everyone have a safe and healthy New Year!!!

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Happy New Years to everyone in the world from the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico fron onboard a Drilling Rig ! My New Years Resolution is to place more caches , find more caches , and enjoy time spent with my Family whether indoors or outdoors ! To help with any Event that I can ,and just to be a better person ! To help any new cacher that is just getting started in our fine enjoyable pastime !! Cannot wait to get home to Florence Mississippi and cache with my fellow Friends and Cachers and new Beagle Puppy " Cache " !! <_< Posted at dead on Midnight 12:00

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