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The more urban micros that you hunt, the greater the risk of running into them. Filter out all micros. :ph34r::smile::yikes:


On the contrary, I've never had conversations with LEO on urban micros. Both instances were in the woods on regular size caches.


Well since I have had three interactions with LEOs, all urban. I win. :P:blink::unsure:


Ah. Hmm... Perhaps if you put a shirt on whilst geocaching in the winter, you might not attract as much attention???


Possibly but I doubt it. In the meantime I'm going to focus upon catching up with Rattlebars there. Man is he good. :P:grin::blink:

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During one of our "cache days" we were stopped by the marina late in the evening, trying to figure out the cache position. There was three adults and three kids in the minivan.


The LEO was patrolling, saw us, then stopped.


He got out of his car and slowly approached the vehicle. Out came the flashlight and before he could ask us anything, I had the cache page and GPS in hand.


After explaining what we were doing, he said to have a fun time, and to be careful.


No harm, no foul.

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I'm a LEO and have yet to start geocaching. I can't afford the GPS I want or think I need. I have had only one encounter with a geocacher and they're car was parked unoccupied on the roadway. I pulled up to check out the car and make sure no help was needed. Everything was fine as they explained what they were doing. We chatted for about 10 minutes before I had to leave. I am looking forward to getting my 1st handheld gps and start hunting.

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...looks like you're not wearing any pants in your photo.


That's my other pastime... naked canoeing. Maybe I'll have to crop that photo a little more.


Back on topic. We've been questioned once by a LEO. It was late in the evening and we parked on the shoulder of a county park road. (illegal) We weren't 20 feet down the trail when the office stopped us. We explained that we were attempting a FTF. He completely understood the need to park there. Told us to make it snappy, and gave us his business card in case we were stopped by another officer.


We scored the find.

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My closing comment to him was I'm more interested in finding mushrooms than caches.


Make sure you are clear about the fact you are talking about the eating kind of "shrooms" or the LEO might get the wrong impression.


This was forest preserve staff not exactly LEO, he brought up moshroom hunting aftrer I ask about Caching policy. So instead of being confruntational I shined him on by making him think I'm more intereste in an acctivity he supports. One day I'll hade a cache to commerate this encounter.

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