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Norwegian Geocoin 2008


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1 U.S. dollar = 5.44179187 Norwegian kroner taken from Google.


150 Norwegian kroner = 27.56445 U.S. dollars for the antique bronze. The weak US dollar is killing you guys :)... if it makes you feel any better, it's actually pretty fricken expensive even for me here in Sweden at 150 Norwegian kroner = 177.876475 Swedish kronor for the antique copper one!


Even the cheapest one is expensive! 100 Norwegian kroner = 18.3763 U.S. dollars/118 SEK!




Naomi :eek:

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Even I think (I live in the Netherlands) the coin is expensive (12.56 in Euro's, 18.49 in Dollars).

I'm really curios what the prize is without the shipping. :anibad:


But I think the coin is great.


Ehem... where can I change the language at the orderingpage?

I can't speak or read any Scandinavian language at all :o

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For me, the dollar's just too weak or the krone's just too strong, or the coin's just priced too high. In any case, I think the coin will do well as it should end up quite good lookin'.

I'd be happy to trade one of my Kuntry Kashin' for one of these in copper if anyone is interested.

European coins were already expensive. Kick in the weak dollar (which will not recover any time soon) and it's worse. Inflation worse still.

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Actually, the coins cost: 200 Norwegian Kroner = 25.12402 Euro each


So the price really has nothing to do with the dollar, it's really expensive for europeans too.

Well, today it's 24.90 €, but this coin is still to expensive for me. I would have loved to get one or two, but these are out of my range.

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Would you post pictures of all three versions either here or on your website? I don't want to pay that much for a coin and not see a picture of it.


Anti Bronze image_505.jpg

Gold image_504.jpg

Anti Copper image_506.jpg


Orders can be placed at http://www.qurius.no/kategori.php?kategori...subkategori=126


Price is in Norwegian Krone - includes shipping.

Payments by paypal


PS only 34 left of the gold -


50 + of the others.

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