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Does anyone have a White Jeep Travel Bug for trade?

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That was a discover in someone else's hands. I'm trying to get one of my own so I can release the whole set as a group. I would like to release them when I publish a new cache and then watch which one goes first and farthest.


If this is the improper way to get a white jeep, please let me know how to go about getting one the right way.




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What everyone said is correct. Jeeps are not trade items. No travel bugs are for trade. The people who hoard them are not playing fairly, and to me holding onto a toy doesn't make any sense. It's not like they are worth more because they were attached to a TB tag.

Perhaps you would be more interested in a Travel Bug Race. There have been a few cross country races in the past with TBs, and those are kind of fun. People even make up spread sheets, websites, and post statistics for them.

What they do is everyone sends the bug to one person, who starts the race in a predesignated cache, and it ends somewhere in a predesignated cache. First one to complete it wins. No prizes are necessary. The rules are usually something like: No mailing them, no skipping states, no flying them, they have to go from cache to cache, cacher to cacher, things like that. Failure to comply with the rules disqualifies you, unless you can get your bug to go back and correct the error. You could start a race in your new cache and have someone miles away agree to be the finish line at their cache. Or incorporate the rest of the world in your race, since caching is so worldwide now. You can put each bug on your watchlist and receive an email each time one moves. The person who starts the race makes up the rules, and I'm sure you could search for discussion in these forums on past races.

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