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An Interesting Cache idea


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this one may have been looked at before, and its a type of puzzle cache, but basivcally, part one will have an problem that has two answers, you get one of those, you get the path to one cache, get the other, and get a second cache instead of the first!


tell me what you think


Will you tell searchers that there are two possible answers? If you do, it might be especially attractive to the puzzle loving cachers who will want to find both finals... and less intimidating for those cachers who aren't big puzzle fans who will be satisfied finding one of the correct answers.

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It sounds somewhat similar to our Trivial Pursuit caches. We hide one micro with a multiple-choice trivia question, and each answer corresponds to a set of coordinates. The wrong answers lead to fixed placeholders of some sort -- usually fire hydrants -- and the correct answer leads to the cache container. People seem to like them.


Trivial Pursuit: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying

Trivial Pursuit: Cache-22

Trivial Pursuit: While My GPSr Gently Weeps


Personally, I think puzzle caches are such a red flag for most people because they grow weary of massive, impossibly difficult cyphers they have to the decrypt. Some people dig sifting through hundreds of characters trying to find a pattern, but I'm certainly not one of them. There's no accounting for taste, I suppose.

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no offence but i think im confused..generaly i see a puzzel cache i run the other way..sappose if i had more time i,d try a few of them....


If spelling was involved, I can see why. Just teasing. :)


Back on topic. The idea has been done countless times. That doesn't mean you can't do it again though. You will find people like me that love them, and others that hate them. For every cache type there are hunters. If not the parking lot micros would have died a long time ago. Place it and have fun.


El Diablo

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