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Internet connection using a Mio P550 and a Nokia 6300 on Tesco mobile

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I never got round to setting this up with the old phone (which went AWOL when out caching). How do I set this up?


I've looked at the link that dino_irl posted last time I asked about this sort of thing but I'm not getting very far.


Step by step instructions for connecting via bluetooth using THIS phone and THIS pda and THIS mobile network provider will be much appreciated




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All you need is a bluetooth connection to the PDA, but the mobile and contract / PAYG need to be able to connect to the internet, if either can't it will not work. The settings for a mobile are usually sold setup with the mobile if the contract / PAYG includes web access

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your mobile is more or less a modem, you just need to pair up the two devices to share services you may need a dial up account with an ISP

Noooooo the phone is connecting to the internet using GPRS not dial up a/c. The phone connects OK but it's just the settings to get the Mio to talk to it that I'm having a problem with. The link in my first post describes the sort of thing that I need but it's for a different phone/PDA/ISP.

Thanks :sad:

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Which part are you struggling with? Do you have the username/password/ APN from your mobile provider? Do you get any errors when you try to connect?


The changes of finding someone on here with the EXACT configuration you need are slim to say the least!


6 (mobile providers) * 10 (Popular PDAs amongst cachers) * 100 (models of phones used by cachers) * 10 (1 in ten UK cachers read the forums) * 10 (1 in ten UK caches have a PDA/Phone an use it to connect to the internet) = 1:several million!


(figures made up, but you get the point!)

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