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Navigator NT on Micro Card Questions


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I had a few questions regarding City Navigator before deciding which way to go. I've read through the FAQ's and still have questions. I'd appreciate any replies. Does the Navaigator NT version on the microcard have be be unlocked/locked etc like the DVD version and be associated with a specific GPSr or is it true plug and play, i.e you could unplug and use on a different GPSr. Also does the DVD version allow you to run the map program on your PC, (i.e similar to Streets and Trips) for planning/routing --- in addition to allowing you to load it to your GPSr's microcard. Does the microcard have to be on the GPSr when you load it or can you use a card reader on your PC to load it . How long is the load time for the NT version vs the non -NT version? Sli23sli

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My understanding:


Card-based maps are locked to the card, not to the GPS. This should make them swappable.


The DVD version does allow you to do PC-based manipulation like S&T, and load to card (mapset locked to GPSr in this case). Reader or in-GPS loading are both supported by the MapSource map software that wraps the mapsets.


Users report no performance difference between NT and non-NT mapsets. Hard to believe, but real world experience suggests the hit is non-perceptible. I would have predicted otherwise.

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