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IMC No. 4


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We are a group of geocachers that will create the 4th version of IMC, International Multi Cache. This time, the theme will be "Fire".


IMC is a multi cache involving several countries, each one with a primary cache and a secondary cache. Each primary cache holds part of the hints to find the secondary caches in all countries. The previous versions were; # 1 - 'water', #2 - 'wind' and # 3 - 'earth'. Now it's time to finish the sequence with the fourth basic element of our planet.


We need one geocacher from Canada and one from USA. We already have members from all the other Continents.


The expected time frame is;


-> Until the end of 2007, setup the team.


-> Early March' 08, finding places related to the theme, prepare the caches, create reports, exchange hints between all members so the hints can be hidden in each of the primary caches and submit the listings for approval.


-> April 1st, 2008, general release of IMC Nr. 4 (all the caches should be submitted previously and turned available or approved on this day).


The expected workload;


-> Prepare two caches related to the theme in a synchronized way with other geocachers.

-> Prepare reports, descriptions of the caches to the group, hints sheets and

-> Read about 400 messages that will be flow in the group (IMC Nr. 4 Yahoo Group)


So, if you


- like the IMC idea and have time and disposition to create two caches related to the theme and coordinate them with other geocachers around the world, in the time frame indicated above,


- usually, reads e-mail and answers promptly,


- like to contact people in other countries,


accept to join the project by contacting me through my account and I'll send the official invitation to be member of the IMC Nr. 4 Yahoo Group.



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