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Caching for Gifts

we"re lost

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After all the gifts were opened, we had an envelope we handed our daughter, inside was the cords and description of the cache that we hid for her. She just looked at us and said " I thought you guys would do this to me" it was allot of fun to see her out in her jammies looking for her Christmas cache. She laughed, we laughed and it was a good time, but she said OK pay back is gonna bad for you guys.

So i am sure she will cache us sometime for future gifts....

She loved it and said that is a great way to have caching fun on Christmas


we"re lost

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We didn't make our teens cache for their Christmas presents. One is anti-caching--- teen rebellion, I think, and if that is how she wants to demonstrate her autonomy, I'm fine with that... Certainly, there are much worse things she could do! We did find some swag that ended up in her stocking, though! :back: shhh.


On my birthday, my son hid his gift to me in the backyard with coordinates for me to find it. It was a large Lock 'n' Lock filled with smaller Lock 'n' Locks and little items that I could use for swag. I thought that was really special, :back: and I'll always remember it as one of the best gifts ever.

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Last summer, Ppup and I took Ppup's sister, who was visiting, from Texas, geocaching. She had recently gotten a Gpsr, and knew we knew of cool uses to put it to! :) Since then, she's been quite an active cacher. :P


We were spending time over the holidays at Ppup's parents' house. On Christmas eve, her sister hid six caches around the yard, and three around the neighborhood, all containing pieces to a sudoku puzzle. Once we found all the caches, we had to solve the puzzle. We received a note that a clue would be given the next day, stating how to use the puzzle.


On Christmas morning, we received a key to figure out the next stage of coordinates. It just so happened that the coords were for Ppup's brother's house, where we would be congregating with other family members to celebrate Christmas.


Once we found this cache (very sneakily hidden mind you), we found it contained a note stating that the final would be "where we slept"... back at Ppup's folks! There it was, under the tree, way in the back!


She did an excellent job with the caches! All very well hidden and camoflaged. Texas should be getting some nice caches soon, if she decides to take her hiding skills public. The time she invested in carrying all this out, made for one of the most enjoyable Christmas eves I've ever had! :)

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