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Solar powered gps

team lagonda

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Here's my latest experiment:




I bought a 12v solar panel used for feeders (12v 1.26w 70mA), hooked it up to a female car charger connector, then plugged my Explorist 400 car charger into it. Not enough current. So I bought another. I hooked it up in parallel with the first one, and it sort of works. So I'm going to get two more, hook them all up in parallel, and see if works better. I'm going to mount all 4 panels on a board, so it will be easier to lug around. I'm toying with the idea of hooking them up to a gel cell battery, charge that, and then use the battery to charge the Explorist.

I could of just bought one larger, higher power solar panel to begin with, but this is just for fun and to give me something to tinker with. I'll wind up spending over $100 all total on this, it will probably take me twenty years of charging to recoup my costs, but it's just an excuse to play with the soldering iron and meter.

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