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Magellan Maestro 3200


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I got a Magellan Maestro 3200 for Christmas and I would like to use it for geocaching. Does anyone know if it will work well for it. It is really nice but I'm concerned about it not being a handheld. Anybody know? I can exchange it if it won't work.


Having seen this model's positioning in Magellan's product line, I suspect it's lacking in several areas for geocaching: water/shock-proof-ness, battery life, size/weight, and possible ease of entering waypoint data as well.


If you like it for road navigation then keep it and buy the cheapest, non-mapping, handheld outdoor GPSr for geocaching - you can get one for well under $100 these days.

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Nice unit for getting around in your car -- really useful for finding where to dump the car.


A handheld is the only way to go once you hit the trail -- the hand held units are ruggedly built and water resistant.


I have a 3100 for the car, and am pretty sure that the unit is not sealed. Also, the touch screens on the auto nav units (and palm pilots/ iphones) suffer no fools.


Cache on!

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My OEM, in-vehicle GPS unit is intractable for out-of-vehicle use.

One has to go through a 4 or 5 step menu selection process to obtain a display of coordinates.

This process is effective only when the vehicle is motionless.

Once motion is detected, the screen defaults to another display and the coordinates are gone.


How do I keep a coordinate display while outside my Jeep and walking? With a DeLorme Earthmate PN-20.

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I have the Magellan CrossoverGPS. It has a Vehicle Nav mode and an outdoor mode (for geocaching, hiking, etc). It has it's downfalls, but I use it for both navigating and caching. It has a rubber band that wraps the unit for durability and it's waterproof. I got mine for $279 from an ebay store but I've seen others get it for the low $200s.



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