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geocaching for dummies>(goodchef)


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Hi to all, now I know that my questions now and my questions later will peg me as a dumb a** but as you all know some one asked them before me. The first thing is how do I get started do I regerister ,do I have to buy any thing to start . I have a Garmin nuvi 250w. I also want to be able to use the garmin on the boat to locate fish places and have them in the unit for later fishing trips. I am also interested in geocashing. I need the exercise we all do here and being outside in the winter well sking is out to old for a snow board so walking holding a GPS. sounds like my speed. I need to know what to do to get started we live in southern New Brunswick (the Saint John area) and from what I've heard there are plenty of places to go . We will take any and all advise and look forward to becomming more active in this. I'll say now to all thanks for the future help and may all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. :rolleyes:

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Welcome to the game/hobby/sport/obsession!


It appears that you hav already registered since you are able to enter posts in the Forums. Use the same login and password for www.geocaching.com and then look on the left hand side of the page.


One of the first things to try is just getting used to the GPS. Go out your front door and when your GPS is ready to navigate you should "Mark your Home" then go for a short walk. After 5 minutes later, have your GPS tell you where HOME is by naviagating to the point that you saved {Yeah, I know you will know where it is, this is just to get the feel for how the GPS show things).


Next, the site.


Click on "Hide & Seek a Cache". Near the top of the page is a box to enter your postal code (Those nutty Americans still call it ZIP code). If you do that, you'll get a list of the caches near your home.


Definitely look for ones that are the green box first. Those are the standard type, and are hidden at the posted corridinates. My recommendation is to pick one that is NOT a micro, and has Difficulty and Terrain Ratings that are under 3 stars. Read the description in FULL and maybe the previous logs too.


Enter the coordinates into your GPS and head outside. Wait till the GPS is ready to navigate, select the point you want to find that you read about and hopefully you will find it. It might not be found right away, in fact even now after 6 years some still take me 30 minutes. Take your time, be careful to be respectful to the area you are searching and make every effort to leave the area in good shape, like as if you were never there.


Whether you find it or not, when you get home you should look at the cache page again and in the top right corner is "Log your Visit" and depending on what happened you should enter a message about it.


Good luck! Have fun!



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Welcome to the sport/hobby/activity of geocaching. Indeed there are many great caches to be sought out in the St John area. However, you may discover you require a handheld unit to go the last little bit to the cache as I believe the nuvi is pretty much a road unit.


On the upside, you don't need to repeat that functionality in a handheld unit. A used blue etrex legend will suffice, check ebay. Or a new etrex H, available from Walmart for $99.99

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Welcome to the addiciton!


I must agree with stickman on the handheld unit. Your unit is not waterproof for one. Caching in the rain and snow will be a lot safer with a handheld, most of them are water proof. You can pick them up for pretty cheap, even something like a etrex yellow(doesn't have mapping but you can input co-ordinates and even hook it up to your computer). Your Nuvi should work to get you started, I would however be very careful in the snow and rain. They don't like the water.


There is definitely no better help than in the forums!! Most everyone is helpful and respects the fact that you are a newbie and they have been there at one point!


Have fun!

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