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Merry Christmas--Cointest!

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You got a new puppy:)

From your husband:)

This way you can train him/her to sniff out caches:) :mmraspberry:


Chris is the one that wants the puppy...I asked for kittens for Christmas, but none of the boxes under the tree are meowing! :mmraspberry:


My friends parents got her a new kitty and I got to wrap it this morning, but the box started to move and she found out. I guess the air holes in the box were a giveaway also.

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Guitar Hero III for the Wii


You accidentally found it while getting out the presents to wrap up for Christmas


Oh man Stacy - that happened to us. Came as a gift for the kids but only partially wrapped. Hello - use more wrapping paper when sending presents for kids! :( What they don't know is we got PS2 so the oldest who figured it out is mighty confused ;) since it is not a Gamecube game. :mmraspberry::mmraspberry:

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