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Merry Christmas--Cointest!

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Well have fun gang...me, I'm off to the hospital!! Seems KAboom isn't getting better and some people (including me) are a bit worried!! YEAH.....


Merry Christmas all...wish Kaleb luck!!!


Oh my God, I hope KABoom is ok!!! Best wishes heading your way.


Same here! Feel better & let us know!




Tell him Stellar Jr. and Stellarscapes say "have a Very Merry Christmas":)


WOW...this is STILL going on?? Looks like everyone is close now though!


KAboom is resting quietly at this time, we JUST got home from the hospital!! Just a simle case of Strep throat (spelled right??)...which wasn't so simple! Nothing a few I.V.s and some more drugs wouldn't help though...he'll be fine!! Very sick still, and REALLY tired (as am I...up ALL night with him)! Some great coins came his way today though (didn't know mail even ran today)...he's happy!!


THANKS for the well wishing, KAleb says he really appreciates it!!


Now...back to your guessing!!!


Glad Kaleb is going to be ok! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he'll be feeling a little better for tomorrow!

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Vera Bradley purse






I did get a Vera Bradley purse from Chris for our trip! Send us your address and I'll get your coin in the mail after we get back!


New mini cointest...not sure what the prize is (something from our trader box):


Correctly identify the style of the purse (the official Vera Bradley style) and the color.


Wow, thanks.....it was definitely a challenge :) I'll get you an email right away

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At least one person has the correct style--hint, think about what I'm using it for.


Several people have the correct color--it's the only Vera color I have.

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messenger in java blue lathough I think pink elephants are much more fetching!!!

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