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Merry Christmas--Cointest!


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Well, the presents are bought, the wrapping is done, and the baking is in progress, so I think it's time for a cointest!


Three questions--the first person to get them all correct wins one of my LE pink/purple BN GEOsmirk (one of only 35 coins--never sold!)




Yesterday, I got an early Christmas present. Your job is to correctly identify what the gift was, who gave it to me, and why I got it early. I'm looking for fairly specific answers...I'll give hints as the day goes on. I have the final say as to the first person who correctly answers all three questions!


You may guess as often as you'd like, but please--no editing of posts!


Merry Christmas!


The questions:

  1. What was my early Christmas present? (Looking for the object and the brand)
  2. Who gave me the present?
  3. Why did I get it early?

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