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Travel Bugs and Coins Missing in action

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So I have been noticing that sometimes you go to search for a coin or a TB and you look at the logs and you havent seen it in years. So....


Why is it still there? Is there a way for the owner to remove it from the cache? Is there a person we can contact to have them remove it from the caches?


What exactly is the protocol here....and how long is a coin/tb inactive before it is removed?


Ponder Ponder.

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If you visit a cache and a coin or TB listed as being there is not there, you can contact the cache owner, or the owner of the Traveler. Either person can move the Traveler to an Unknown location and get it out of the cache inventory.


They need to know it's gone but then, you'd think they would know that it hasn't moved in awhile.

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Write first to the trackable's owner, second to the cache owner, third to your friendly volunteer cache reviewer or Eartha, Goddess of Trackables.


In some areas the volunteer cache reviewer scrubs the listings to remove the "dead bugs" and "cold coins." One may then search for caches with higher confidence that a listed trackable will actually be in the cache.

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Many times I see cache logs saying a trackable is missing but the info doesn't get posted to the item's log. The item owner likely wouldn't know it's missing.


I've gotten into the habit of posting a note to the item's page if I see it's missing from where it's supposed to be. That way, the owner will get an email. They may not read it (as opposed to a direct email) but I have gotten thank you notes from owners who didn't know something was wrong.

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I like to include instructions for the bug owner in case they are not sure how to move it out.


"On the bug page, under Travel Bug Owner Options is a pull down menu labeled 'Recalculate Distance', in there is the option "Mark Bug Missing".


You can always retrieve the bug back out at a later time if it is found or re-released. Thanks."


Cache Owner:


"Access the Bug page and under Trackable Item Options is the option to 'Mark Item Missing'."

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Keystone is right. He posted missing for a bug in a cache when I said on the bug page it wasn't in the cache.

Cache owners, trackable owners and volunteer reviewers really appreciate people like you, who take the time to note the condition of the cache and its trackables when writing their log. I don't mark a trackable as missing without several months having passed (to allow time for late loggers), and without a report on the cache page or trackable's page saying it wasn't in the cache.


So, thanks for taking the time to do that!

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