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New SD Micro Card for Garmins

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Don't buy these!!!


Altough the form factor is exactly the same, the insides are completely different. It works by sector adressing instead of byte adressing(something you don't need to understand to realize that it just won't work). That means, unless it's specified that this particular product is SDHC compatible, it won't work. Most SDHC-compatible products are backwards compatible to standard SD cards, however.


Maybe the Colorados will support them??

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Maybe the Colorados will support them??

That would be nice.


If Garmin introduces the Colorado series at the CES trade show at the beginning of January, (I'm guessing they will.) I expect to see the new models at the Garmin booth at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on January 15. I'll provide to this forum any info I find out about the new units.

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At this page for the http://www.sdcard.org/about/sdhc/ I see this:

The SD Card Association (SDA) has established SD Specification Version 2.0 for the SDHC (SD High Capacity) Memory Card
(i.e. the 4 gig cards are version 2) and at the garmin update page for the 60CSx I read that as part of updating to version 3.20 Garmin did this:
Update data card driver to support SD version 2 cards.
So if it does not work, then directing the question to Garmin might be wise, because, it seems, they have tried to do something to make the high-capacity cards work.


So be sure to update your 60CSx firmware with webupdater to assure that you have at least version 3.2 running in the GPSr.

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