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Is this some kind of geocoin?


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Today, inside a cache, I found a wooden token. On one side it was printed "first to find first to fix" On the back was a series of letters handwritten. I tried entering the letters in the trackables search page and nothing came up. There were no trackables listed in this cache. Is this a trackable or is it just someones calling card?

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It's a token that came out of one of Dr. B's Cache Repair kits. Here's a link to the product it came out of: http://www.cache-advance.com/proddetail.asp?prod=drbreg


That's the one! Thanks for the reply and the link. I need to get one of those kits, I could have used it today.


I wonder what the random letters were?????? (written in pen on the back)


Maybe the initials of the person who repaired the cache? The referenced page showing the kit lists the tokens and suggests signing them and leaving them in the cache.

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I like the idea of a cache repair kit, except for the "1 Micro Cache Replacement ".


How many cachers are gonna DNF a micro, and throw out a replacement cache? This can (and does) lead to multiple containers in 1 location. Just because you can't find it, doesn't mean it isn't there.


If it clearly made to replace a defective or broken container, then it's all good.

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