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Legend eTrex CX


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Funny thing. I noticed my Etrex Legend does not turn on by itself when connected to the computer nor does it show up as any type of drive on the "finder" or "explorer" window, however, it DOES receive data when I send it.


Did you manually turn on the Legend once it is physically connected?


Downloads should work after you allow it to boot up. Should you have it connected for more than a minute or two, you may want to set the GPS setting to work without detecting satellites. This will allow data transfer and viewing but it won't acquire satellites and it will save your batteries.

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Do you have another cable you can try? What about a different USB port? On my Vista C, I had been using a cable that came with my Olympus camera and it worked fine for a long time . . . and then it didn't work. :yikes: I switched to the official Garmin cable and it has been working fine ever since.

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I'm guessing bad cable (easy to test) or bad usb socket in the GPSr (bad news, but Garmin backs their stuff very seriously).


IIRC my usb-driven garmins will stay on with USB plugged in even if the cable is unplugged from the PC.


Hmmm, isnt there a "stay on when external power is disconnect" setting? Try toggling that and see if it helps.

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We tried 3 different cables and 2 different computers.

I guess I’ll call Garmin.

I’ve had this unit 1yr and 2 months.

I discovered I could load POI to the microcard with my card reader. So I can use it this way. Not as easy as loading the waypoints by the computer but better than nothing.

Thanks everyone.


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