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Good PDAs for sale - I promise!

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I have for sale a couple PDAs...@ Cost to me, - (unless shipping to Canada, or other foreign countries - in which case, the buyer would just pay extra for actual shipping cost).


I will guarantee either/any/all of these PDAs to work as described upon arrival, else I'll just refund your money - including shipping.


There are NO scrathes on either/any of the screens mentioned, nothing in outward appearance to warrant concern about abuse/ excess use, etc.


Between my wife and I (and we hashed this out a good deal during the past few months of trial & error, in finding what worked best for us towards going paperless) - we settled on a new, but previously puchased/used TX.:) We actually have tried/tested each and every one of the units we are offerrng here, but it boiled down to her/us requiring wanting more out of what we tested for just being able to go "paperless", - IOW - my wifes' wishes won out.


@ any rate - I have a brand new out of the box (for less than ten days even) M125- with the hyped-up extra "bonas pak", AND as an extra - a padded real leather case, for $35.00 - guaranteed to work as a caching PDA (and more), as I've already tried it out with-in the past couple days - or your money back, (I know that's a seemingly high price - but it really IS brand new, and includes shipping plus the extra leather case).


I have a color M515, with all needed "hot-sync" accessories, plus an added thumb key-board - encluding needed software/installation disc - I mean this thingie looks/acts/feels BRANDE NEW! - for 45.00, which is VERY competitve to anything you'd find on eBay, - and ya don't have to worry about peeps not knowing what you're going to use it for - or them being willing to back it up - because "back it up", I will. This thing has everything that our new TX has, at less than a fifth of the cost of a new one.


I also have for sale a Z22, in VERY good condition, ( with all needed cables) and we ALL know that THAT is more than is needed to geocache! I've loaded this thingie several times onto not just my VISTA, but my old win98 AND XP - and it works in all ways that it is supposed to! I'm just asking, including shipping, $45.00 for it.


I will provide pics VIA email to any interested parties. (I will post them here on-line if needed, as-in you don't have an e-mail) I am offering a "guarantee to work as described" to any purchaser, or your money back.


If anybody is interested - please contact me VIA my profile...thanks for your consideration. Again, my asking price includes shipping - except to Canada, or anywhere else except the 48, that may require additional postage.

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Thanks for all the interest expressed! I received several e-mails, and I think I've answered them all - but if I missed anybody, please let me know.


It seems there are alot of people interested in going "paperless", and are looking for a reliable PDA at a good price. I wish I had more than the few I have - but if I run across any really good deals again, I'll be sure and share them. I know that having a PDA for caching just can't be beat. And with the cost of ink cartriges being what it is, a decent PDA will only save you money in a very short time, and totally enhance your caching enjoyment in the long run. I know I'll never go back to printing off pages and pages of cache descriptions :yikes:


Thanks again, and I'll post as soon as mine are no longer available.

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I have just had one of the funnest (<- is that a word?) experiences yet in my interaction with other cachers!


The Z22 is sold - and I have to say that this selling experience was as much fun as going out after the most really interesting cache finds that I've had yet. The buyer just really made my day, what with his patience with my lack of experience in both selling and shipping, and his understanding of the ins and outs of international shipping.


There really is a "cachers creed", and it's alive and well.


I'm still waitting for confirmation on the other two PDAs, but I again just want to say "thanks", to those who have responded.

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