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Geoswag Geocoin and Pin of the month club

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I joined OCT 3rd... just got the Nov. coin about a week ago. Paid Oct 3rd, Nov 3rd and Dec 3rd. The way the club works is you get the coin of the month after your join month. Then you keep getting coins until you quit (if you quit) then the month you quit you will get one more coin of the month after you quit. Clear as mud I know. Just wait.. you will get the December coin. The wait is worth it!!! P.S. I haven't got the Dec. coin yet.. but anticipate eagerly it's arrival.

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The 25th of each month is the scheaduled shipping date. Unfortantly both of the big monthly coin clubs have been running several weeks or more late the last five or six months. Also geoswag geocoin club does not up date their club page very often. I think it still shows Octobers coin on it. Just be patient and they will come. Eventually............

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The time to get coins has gone from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. That being said, you should expect a pretty good size package this time around.


Everything went into the mail today. Most people get them in 2 days while others take a bit longer. Hopefully our great friends at the Post Office can get all the packages before Christmas.

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We got ours yesterday in time oto get them in the kids' stockings for today.


I must say these are beautiful coins and the whole package was just outstanding. Well done OC! Thanks for making a gorgeous Christmas coin for the club. Was so hoping it would be Christmas themed as we started caching Christmas day 2 years ago. Special coins this time of year - for us at least. :D


Well done indeed.

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Has everyone pretty much received their December issue for the GC&PC, or are some people still waiting?


I only ask because that was the one package I didn't see in my mail that I had expected yesterday when I got home. The Post Office had held it for me during my vacation.


It sounds like some have made it. Should I keep waiting or send a note over to oakcoins?

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