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Cointest time! Let's play!


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The last few nights I have been having cointests for our batch of Naughty and Nice coins we received from C&P. We have also sent some out as Christmas gifts to some very deserving people. The only way you can get one of these is if you purchased one from Coins and Pins, been gifted one, or by winning one of our cointest. I've only done one trade with these and that was from an agreement made before we received them. There are 12 left of the gold and 13 left of the nickel out of the 50 we received. My plan is to have cointests this week to get rid of 2 of the gold and 3 nickel. I plan to sell 10 of them either right before Christmas or After Christmas to cover some unexpected expenses that have occurred and save 10 for next year. For tonights cointest you can pick which metal you would like. If you have ordered this coin or won one please give others the opportunity to win or if you would still like to play, if you win I will send the coin to whomever you like if you provide me with their address to ship it to. The question will be posted in about 5 min. or so. Good Luck.

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Ok, this question is a two parter. You must have both answers in your post to win. Chip and I went out to eat tonight and love this restaurant and we always get the same dish and split it between the two of us every time. The dish may not look like it would be enough for two people but if you order it as a split they do you right and with the other things that come with the meal it fills us up. I think this restaurant is pretty popular but it may not be in all states but once it is guessed you can look up the menu on the internet. The questions are:


1. Where did we eat?


2. What did we order?


Winner gets to choose what metal they want nickel or gold of our Naughty or Nice coins.

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