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Let's go VIKINGS cointest :)

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Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears


My NFL team (Vikings) is playing Monday night football, woooohoooo!


How to play:


* Guess the FINAL score of the game

* No edits or that post is disqualified

* If someone prior to you has the same score, post a new score with a note that your orignal guess was already taken

*Contest closes at Kickoff (6:30 pm MST) about 1 and 1/2 hours from now

*I have final say on winner

*The only way to win this contest is to guess the exact FINAL score, anything else is a LOSER :lol:

*Anyone who badmouths my Vikings is automatically disqualified :anibad:

*In your post you MUST write "GO VIKINGS!"

*What do you win? A surprise package with at least 1 geocoin in it


Ok, let the scores be written and may the Purple People Eaters kick some Bass


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